Things to do when selling a house

Stick a ‘For Sale’ sign in the biggest shop window of all to kick off your house selling campaign – the internet. Upload pictures to social networking sites and start talking about the building in forums. ┬áThe nellie gail ranch houses are some of the best houses around. You can even make a YouTube video but don’t forget the simpler things which can also help you sell a house in today’s world.

First of all

llkkmmbbvSpeak to an estate agent. It might just be worth passing the building over to them to market, organize viewings and sell on for you. Of course, they will take a commission, but this may be less of a price to pay for you than the effort it takes when selling a house.

Things to do when selling a house

Take time to schedule

If possible, book a several of weeks off work and dedicate your time to scheduling home viewing appointments. Treating the sale of your house as a manned operation will not only increase viewing efficiency but will also keep you focused on selling the house – instead of apathetically nudging potential buyers around the place after a long day at work.

Enjoy the sale

Guerrilla selling tactics like boiling a pot of coffee, baking bread and playing delicate music can all help on a subconscious level, to welcome a viewer to the house. Still, there are even more ways to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for all parties involved.

Remember their names – people buying a house are making a huge life decision, they want to deal with people they can trust.

Give them space

Allow viewers to roam free around the house and envisage themselves living in each room. You’re not going to be there once they have bought the house so don’t be there now!

Actual story

Tell an actual story which explains your relationship with the house, why you are selling and how much you are going to miss it. That personable approach will stay with the viewer, and they can relate. If potential buyers pick up a positive vibe from you and the home, they will leave with a positive memory. It might just give them a prod in your direction when it comes to choosing between multiple homes viewed.

Close it with exclusivity

lkklklklklkIf you sense a viewer’s interest in the house – prey on it (but in a nice way). Offer a discount to persuade them to sign straight away and make the offer seem exclusive to that one viewing party. Your objective is to sell house fast, and after all the niceties you have laid out for the viewer, you have the right to maintain that selling bite and close the sale.